down to chill

See who's down and what's up.

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Who's down

Eliminate the friction of chilling with your friends by easily seeing who's free, and dtc!

Swipe and Match

Swipe down on friends you want to chill with, swipe up on ones you don't. Think Tinder for chilling with friends.

Chat + Channels = Chill

Once you've matched with friends, you can chat with them and hangout! Add these matches to "channels" where you can plan group actvities!

What's up

Swipe through local plans you've been included in and invite friends, old and new, to plans of your own!

Social and Spontaneous

Coordinate with friends via chat and plans. Instead of wasting time trying to find something to do, find your chill!

Find your Chill

Make your own posts to let others know what's going on and share them with matches and your local community.

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